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Is X an Off-Grid or an On-Grid power system?
What is EXERON - Off-Grid or On-Grid?
EXERON is a DC coupled hybrid off-grid power system for self consumption. X can operate in complete off-grid mode (inputs: PV and/or DG) or in a hybrid mode having the electrical grid connected at the system input.

The X's inverter output is connected only to the load.

EXERON is not an ON-GRID system. No power back-feeding into the grid is possible.
What is the difference between On-Grid and Off-Grid power systems?
On Grid power systems, also known as grid tie systems, are connected to the local utility company’s system. This means that the grid can still be used any time when the solar panels generate less electricity than needed, e.g. at night. In many countries, On-Grid systems can also capitalize on times when the solar panels generate more electricity than needed by selling the surplus back to the electricity company (power back-feeding) - usually at a profit. General requirement is the availability of reliable and stable grid infrastructure.

Off Grid power systems, also known as standalone systems, do not need to be connected to the electrical grid. They are an off-the-grid electricity system for locations that are not fitted with an electricity distribution system. Typical they include one or more methods of electricity generation, energy storage, and regulation. Electricity is typically generated by one or more of the following methods - photovoltaic system using solar panels , wind turbine, diesel or bio-fuel generator. In case there is available electrical grid, it can be used as an input for the off-grid power system. No power back-feeding is possible. Storage is typically implemented as a battery bank.
What kind of hybrid/Off-Grid configurations are possible?
The following configurations of the input power sources are possible:

1. PV + Battery
2. PV + DG + Battery
3. DG + Battery
4. Grid + Battery
5. PV + Grid/DG + Battery

Option: Wind turbine
Which X system configuration do I need?
I don't have power at all
EXERON is designed to generate, store and provide reliable power for remote and rural areas.
The system can be installed indoors or outdoors.
PV, wind and diesel gensets can be used as input power sources and a battery can be used for energy storage. The output can be 1 or 3 phase.
I have power only from a diesel generator
EXERON can significantly reduce the OPEX costs related to the diesel genset (DG) operation. Depending on the system design, X can even completely replace the DG.

X can be installed indoors or outdoors. It intelligently controls the operation of the DG, which minimizes the DG running hours, maximizes the maintenance period and reduces the overall operation costs (OPEX) up to 98%.
PV is used as input power source and a battery is used for energy storage. The output can be 1 or 3 phase.
I have a grid connection, but unreliable with regular power outages
EXERON is perfectly suited to locations with limited or bad grid power. It can secure continuous uninterruptible power and operates also as an UPS system. Installing PV strings at the input (and eventually a diesel genset as an emergency source) + battery storage, the required back-up time can be reached so that the loads are always supplied with pure sine wave power from the X.
I have a reliable grid connection
If there is a reliable grid connection, EXERON is primarily used to generate power from PV or wind and to use the grid only when there is not enough solar or wind power, or when the battery is empty.

X achieves:
- a significant electricity bill reduction;
- a back-up power capacity for the unusual case of power outage;
- the best protection for the connected loads is guaranteed since the X output is galvanically isolated and supplies pure sine wave voltage.

For countries in which different and dynamic electricity tariffs are available, then the X can preferably use the grid when it is cheap to supply the load and/or charge the battery and use the battery later when the tariff price gets expensive.

The system can be installed indoors or outdoors.
I have already an On-Grid power system, but no more incentives
If there is already an installed On-Grid system in operation and the back-feeding tariff is cancelled or uneconomical, the existing PV system can be connected to the EXERON to maximize energy self-consumption.

Battery storage is installed to secure the power supply at night time.
I have an unreliable grid connection with broad voltage and frequency fluctuations that damage my appliances
Due to the double energy conversion and the galvanic isolation between input and output, the EXERON's inverter output generates a perfect sine wave voltage, 50Hz or 60Hz with accuracy of +/- 0.001%. X guarantees the maximum possible protection for the connected loads against over-voltage, below-the-nominal voltage, frequency fluctuations and any other disturbances. Whatever comes to the input, it cannot be transferred to the X's output.
Battery storage
What battery types can be used with the EXERON?
EXERON's battery management system (BMS) can support the following battery types:

1. Lead-Acid battery
2. Ni-Cad battery
3. Li-Ion battery
4. LiFePo4 battery
5. Zinc battery

The X's BMS extends the battery life with 30% on average due to the precise charging algorithms.
Remote monitoring
What kind of remote monitoring is available?
EXERON provides two options for remote monitoring.
1. SNMP multisite monitoring.
2. Web based monitoring. The EXERON's MCU has integrated web server that can be accessed from any location.
Is there an option for remote control?
Yes. X can be controlled remotely through the web based FiFo Monitoring and Control software. The settings that may be changed are input, output and battery parameters as well as system behavior features.
May the system software be updated remotely?
Yes. There is a protected section in the FiFo Monitoring and Control software for remote update.
Operating conditions
Can I use EXERON in locations with harsh ambient conditions e.g. high temperature, high level of humidity and dust?
Yes. Due to its rigorous design for military requirements, EXERON can stand temperatures up to 80°C, high levels of humidity as well as dusty and sandy environments.
For outdoor applications, X is configured in outdoor cabinets and shelters including space for the battery.
There are several cooling options available according to the location, environmental conditions and customer's requirements.

Cooling options for outdoor applications:
- Air conditioning
- Heat exchange
- Free cooling
Technical support
Does IPS provide a technical support for the EXERON?
Yes. We provide reliable and professional technical support at any time.

The following options are available:
- Email support;
- Remote video support;
- Telephone hotline.