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Battery types
What battery types can EXERON operate with?
EXERON's battery management system (BMS) can support the following battery types:

- Lead-Acid
- Ni-Cad
- Zinc-based
- Vanadium-based
- Natrium-based

Remote monitoring
What kind of remote monitoring is available?
There are several options for remote monitoring available.
- SNMP monitoring
- Local, web-based monitoring platform
- Cloud-based monitoring platform
- Remote monitoring using nano-satellite coverage
Is there an option for remote control?
Yes. For specific applications, X can be controlled remotely through the web based FiFo Monitoring and Control software.
May the system software be updated remotely?
Yes. There is a protected section in the FiFo Monitoring and Control software for remote update.
Operating conditions
Can I use EXERON in locations with harsh ambient conditions e.g. high temperature, high level of humidity and dust?
Yes. EXERON is certified to operate in a temperature range from -40°C up to 70°C without the need of heating/cooling system, as well as high levels of humidity, dusty and sandy environments.

Cooling options are available for the battery housing component:
- Air conditioning
- Heat exchange
- Passive cooling (patented by IPS)
Technical support
Does IPS provide technical support for the EXERON?
Yes. We provide reliable and professional technical support at all times.

The following options are available:
- Email support
- Remote video support
- Telephone hotline
- On-call services
- Site visit