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Four Decades of Excellence
in R&D and Precision Manufacturing

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IPS - International Power Supply is a 35 years experienced company specialized in R&D and manufacturing of power conversion technologies and turn-key energy storage solutions.

IPS (International Power Supply) was established in 1989 and specializes in the R&D and precision manufacturing of power conversion technologies and turn-key Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).


EXERON is the name of the technology that IPS has developed and patented initially in the US.


Over the four decades, IPS has delivered high-end products for multiple industries in 59 countries.


IPS offers high-end products and tailored solutions for the following sectors:

  • TSOs and Industrial Customers: turn-key BESS systems
  • Defense: tailored micro-grids, maintenance-free, ultra durable
  • Oil & Gas: turn-key renewable power solutions for on-shore and off-shore applications, C02, OPEX and fuel reduction 
  • Renewable Energy: mini- and micro-grids, off-grid power systems
  • Telecommunications: outdoor power systems and OPEX reduction solutions
  • Utilities: industrial rectifiers and inverters for electrical substations




IPS' manufacturing process is certified with the NATO military standard for quality AQAP 2110.


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Award Winner

ees Award Winner

EXERON won the Intersolar world innovation award for off-grid power system with electrical energy storage in Munich, Germany.

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