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EXERON Technology

economical, social and environmental benefits

X is reliable in the harshest conditions

  • 100% REDUNDANT

All in One

  • PV controllers
  • AC-DC rectifiers
  • DC-AC inverters
  • DC-DC converters
  • Power Distribution with all I/O
  • Intelligent DG control, bypass module
  • Monitoring and Control Unit (MCU)

Plug & Play

Hot swappable modules
  • Exchange and upgrade < 5s
  • Light and small power modules
  • No tools or special skills needed

Battery life extension

  • Intelligent and precise charge-discharge process extends the battery life ~30%
  • Automatic capacity test for maintaining the battery in best condition
  • X is BMS ready for Lead-Acid, LiFePo, Ni-Cad, Zinc based batteries

Full system redundancy

  • Load sharing between the power modules
  • Fault tolerant sofware and hardware
  • N + N redundancy

Remote monitoring and control

  • SNMP monitoring
  • Integrated WEB server
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Remote control

Integrated intellect

  • Dynamic control of input power sources
  • Criteria based decissions
  • Adaptive battery charging
  • Energy flow control


Turn-key solution

  • Turn-key delivery and supply
  • Project management
  • O&M and SLA partners worldwide

I/O power flexibility

  • 100% flexible input and output configurations
  • Higher input for fast battery charge and longer discharge
  • Higher output for long battery charge and faster discharge
Return on Investment < 16 months for DG powered loads

OPEX and pollution reduction

  • Massive carbon emissions reduction
  • Up to 99% OPEX reduction
  • Significant fuel saving

Electricity @ 0.28$ per kWh

  • 0.28$ per kWh
  • Efficient hybrid configuration including storage
  • Cheaper than diesel and grid in some locations


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2 kW

Starting from 2 kW per hot plug power module...


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65 MW

...reaching 65 MW in 2 or 4 kW power steps.